What is the 5:2 Diet on Keto? And Why Am I Doing It?

So for those who haven’t been following my channel on you tube you may not know about my new added life style change in my eating habits (5:2 on Keto), I am currently doing a experiment program to show my followers the best way to lose weight is to eat a healthy diet full of whole foods, low carbs and no sugars and that in my opinion the secret to losing weight is debated saying its all about calories in VS calories out!.

So its called the 5:2 diet I have incorporated this ‘diet’ for the course of 8 weeks to show you how I will lose 8 kilos in 8 weeks’ by counting calories and of course still eating the ketogenic way of life.

So what is the 5:2 Diet? The 5:2 diet involves restricting your calorie consumption to 25% of your energy (calorie) needs, two days a week (my 500 calorie fasting days), and eating normally the rest of the time. This means you’re consuming less calories – so you will lose weight. 

Sounds easy? Well it is if you eat correctly! Now I know people will say “counting calories is rubbish, its unhealthy mentally and not a lifestyle that you will want to maintain forever!” I will be honest now and say yes to start calorie counting is hard for someone who has never counted calories before but like anything it becomes easier over time. Your brain is a sponge and will remember the calorie amounts of foods over time so you will know what you should and shouldn’t really eat.

When should I start this diet’? Pick a date that suits you and get excited that from this day your health and weight will become better!

Firstly you will need 2 items to make your life easier eating this way. They are the My Fitness Pal App and a scale to weigh your food.

Next only start this ‘diet’ if you are going to be 100% committed, only you can change your life, so you need to take the leap. Also start researching! There is alot of info online and YouTube, be familiar with how it all works before you begin.

Next pick 2 days a week that you want to be your fasting days ( where only 500 calories are consumed on these days). I like to fast on Monday and Fridays. (because i go to yoga on my lunch breaks on these days so it keeps me busy and the time fly’s by.)

Can anyone do this 5:2 way of eating? People who should avoid fasting include pregnant women or nursing mothers, children and teenagers, and those with a history of eating disorders.

Those with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, or other chronic or acute medical conditions must talk to their specialist before embarking on this plan. It always makes sense to check with your doctor before any lifestyle change so they can advise you.

How I do 5:2 on Keto – Im a eating machine once I’ve had that first bite of food in the morning – it starts my metabolism and I end up grazing all day if I eat breakfast.. so I dont any more and skipping breakfast is not a bad thing. I like to do intermittent fasting it helps lose weight, lowers your blood insulin levels, creates Cellular repair and gives my body and digestive system a rest from processing food eaten that day. You could say that every day I do the 16:8 fast – which is another name for a fasting program but when you think about it we fast every day anyway.. you eat dinner and go to sleep thats a fast. My last meal each day is at 7pm and then my next meal is at 11.30am the next day so that means I have fasted for 16 hours and will eat in a 8 hour window before 7pm comes along again. (16:8)

So on my fasting days I still do a 16:8 fast but on Mondays and Fridays I just watch my calorie intake so that I only eat up to 500 calories. Also on these days I dont go to the gym as I dont want to become over tired, hungry and over work my body when there’s not many calories to be consumed. but I do do a 1 hour yoga class at lunch.

My Tips: Meal prep is the key, always work out what you are going to eat before you start your fast day. I dont mean you have to be up cooking all weekend but get up an hour earlier or the night before get your my fitness pal app out and calculate foods that you like and what can you eat within 500 calories.  The people that say 500 cal days are ‘stupid and impossible’ obviously have never eaten whole foods and low carb vegetables! You can still eat alot of food on your fast days you just have to be wise about what you chose, as I mentioned high fat foods are out as its high in calories, anything from the keto red list is of course is out and yummy whole fresh foods are in! Yes you could easily starve on your fast day, IF you choose to eat 1 boiled egg and 4 Tim Tams! That’s your 500 calories gone! So be smart with your choices. Also drink at least 2L of water through the day and salt your food! Salt is very important! No salt intake = bad head aches.

My plan: So I know protein, good fats  and vegetables fill you up but fats are high calorie so on my fast days I dont consume much fats – just lots of vegetables and protein. Also I like to hold out eating as long as possible, I normally eat at 11.30am but if Im not hungry Ill wait until I am (listen to your body) some days I wont start eating until 1pm.

What my fast day meals look like: 

11.30am Breakfast (break-fast) – 1 egg and 12 grams of baby spinach – add all ingredients in a cup with salt & pepper – whisk them up with a tiny bit of water and fry up a omelette.  I cook mine at 6am and take to work and heat it up at 11.30am.  Calories: 80


2.00pm Lunch – 1 x fried egg. 100g of broccoli & 100g of cauliflower. Again meal prep this is my lunch for work so at 6am while Im making my omelette I add the frozen cauliflower and broccoli into a container cover with water and cook in the microwave for 4 minutes, fry 1 egg (in no oils or butters just a good non stick pan)  drain and add it all to 1 container and lunch is done! Calories: 130


4.00pm Snack – 15 x raw almonds OR 1 x boiled egg what ever I pack that morning.  Calories: 104


6.30pm Dinner – 200g Zucchini sliced, 200g pumpkin sliced, 100 grams of mixed frozen cauliflower & broccoli , 1 cup of water and 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder. In a good non stick frying pan (I use flavourstone)  add the pumpkin and zucchini into the pan on medium heat add the 1 cup of water and turmeric, cover with a lid and cook for 5 minutes string occasionally. In a microwave container add the cauliflower & broccoli and cook in microwave for 5 minutes. After microwave vegetables are done drain and add to the frying pan. Cook all vegetables together add salt, pepper and spices i like to use rosemary. If you want a more stew type texture with pumpkin juice just add more water. Calories: 170 yep all that for only 170 cals!


Done! all that food came in under 500 calories!!  484 calories to be exact! Easy – and I was not hungry after dinner as all those vegetables filled me up so I went to be with a healthy full stomach.

So know you will understand when I say you wont starve when you be careful what food choices you make.

What do you do on non-fasting days? On the rest of the days of the week that I’m not restricted to 500 calories I dont count calories but Im careful of what I eat, I dont go crazy like a kid in a candy store and binge eat all day,  I simply eat how I would while on keto, stick to the green list, only eat when Im hungry, still do the 16:8 fast period and I try to stick to a 1600 calorie intake with good healthy foods. I dont use my My Fitness Pal App on these days, I just eat wholefoods and watch my portion control (Ill have 20 almonds not 40). But as I have been doing this a while now I now the caloric amounts in most foods – dont worry you soon will.

Enjoy this way of eating, I dont see it as a diet but a healthy way of life – if its too stressful or ‘torture’ to you maybe you are not doing it right or simply its not the right eating path for you at that current time in your life. But I find it easy, my body really flourishes with eating this way of eating and I feel much better, more energised and less bloated. Dont forget to take before photos of yourself for motivation on those hard days and dont rely on the scales check your body measurements!


Laura x

Why is intermittent good for you? Click here for more information.


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Dont stop chasing your goals & always love yourself..

This photo on the left popped up today on Facebook its from 3 years ago and the last time i had a drink of coke. The photo on the right was a couple of weeks ago. What a change.  Over time you do forget how far you’ve come,  what I used to weigh, how i felt physically and emotionally, why i didnt like looking in mirrors and how badly i ate. Once you do hit you goal weight some days i think “ive had a crap day.. im just going to do what i used to do stay up all night and binge eat and feel bad tomorrow, I think it wont matter im thin and then the old habbits start creeping back like they used to.” well it does matter..  im glad this image popped up this morning because i forgot about the old me. The old me who used to live on cans of soft drink, chocolate and 6 slices of bread a day! Who would never eat anything that was healthy besides an apple and corn. But id never hate the old me.. this body delivered two babies, went through teenager years and more.. im just glad that 3 years ago i woke up to realise living a healthier lifestyle was much better for my body and mind. I said good bye to binge eating, hello to watching what i ate, went for a walk each day and actually enjoyed learning to cook whole foods from scratch not packets. I added in 5:2 on and off over the years and it really helped me. Yeah some times I gave up but we all slip up.. a few months later id try again and 2 years on i had lost 30 kilos! It was then i realised how eating these healthy foods was actually doing me a world of good! So i just wanted to say your weight will go up and down, you will have bad days when you will go back to your bad habbits, or you think stuff it this is too hard im not seeing results.  It took me along time but just beleive in yourself and remember ‘tomorrow is a new day’.

I lost all the weight from no gimmicks or pills or gyms just eating healthy, and watching my calories. Yeah id have chocolate and ice cream occasionally but i just had to remember to keep chasing that goal. And always love yourself!


My tips: Its all small steps. I was 108 kilos and got down to 63! But it takes time. Personally i didnt start a gym until 1 year after i lost all that weight (this January) as doing weights does make the scales go up. But also starting a weightloss journey and cutting out all the bad foods you used to love is hard and stressful. So my weightloss was from what i ate.. adding a gym to the mix would have been too much and i would have given up over 6 months. So i changed my eating habbits. Stopped eating after 7pm. Swapped soft drink for water and didnt drink alcohol  (i rarely drank anyway) and when i was bored i wouldnt go to the snack cupboard just went and kept busy like on went for a walk around the block even if it was 9pm and kept my mine busy by reading books. The weight started dropping which encouraged me to keep going. After 3 months people started noticing. I started eating more fruit and vegetables and less carbs and sugars. I stopped having 4 pieces of toast for breakfast and made omelettes instead BUT still went out and enjoyed time with friends.  They would order pizza i would think smarter and a chicken cesar salad and no Mars bar but a fruit and nut bar instead. Your body will start to appreciate being looked after and showing the benefits after 6 months i was down 10 kilos and jogging 20mins each morning as i had new found energy at 6am after 12 months i was down 20 kilos and running 2kms 5 days a week and started craving roasted vegetables, fish currys, chicken stir frys and no more junk food. It takes time but all my weight gain didn’t happen over night 😉

Dont give up guys xx


Sometimes we break down..

New vlog uploaded to Youtube – watch here

Starting anything new is scary, hard, frustrating, confusing and fun all rolled into one. I will admit that the ketogenic way of life is hard to start with, its stressful, and at times confusing but the benefits are amazing once you learn and get used to this woe (way of eating). Life is meant to be a journey we all enjoy and learn from, not to live a lifestyle that saddens us, controls us and makes us unhappy. I want you to remember that being healthy does wonders for your mind and body and it should make you feel amazing, not run down and controlled. When you let something stress you out and pressure over time you will eventually reach breaking point. Please dont let it get that far.. always reach out for help, someone has always been where you are now and a simple chat can do wonders.

I had wondered whether I should post this video or not. But realised, if I have bad days and break downs there must be others out there just like me pushing their feelings aside, crying in the car park or at home eating a whole tub of ice cream. I wanted women and men to know

  1. its OK to cry and fall apart, to get upset and annoyed at yourself but in return we must remember most importantly how far we have come – not focus so much on on how far we have to go!

2. Social media these days give such false hope to people around the world, especially making us feel ‘not good enough’ or as rich as others. Why I wanted to show my video is because we all dont live in these perfect tidy, no mess, spotless kitchen, matching outfit, BMW driving, coffee grabbing, expensive watch wearing, beach vacation and new kicks lives 24/7, we are all human and we all have our good and bad days! And this video shows just that.

“Today was one of those days that everything got to me. I’ve been doing so much lately and putting so much pressure on my self to be perfect, look perfect, eat perfect and to live perfect but you know what.. we’re not perfect. We are all humans and all live different lives and occasionally break down at times and need help. Dont be scared to admit it.”

I finally broke today. And I want you to know there is always someone who is there for you.. to listen, help and support you. No matter what you are going through.. please always reach out to someone when you need to.. dont bottle it up inside til one day you reach breaking point. Life is a journey we need to enjoy it.
Thank you for your support and watching my vlogs. If i can help you in any way at all please know you can always contact me via my website or via Instagram.

Keto on guys, love yourself and love life!

Laura x



What happens when we fall off the keto wagon.. we just get back on!

Hi everyone I just wanted to let you know that my 23 week update on keto is now up online on my you tube channel which you can watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0uBDpwWqECQ

I just wanted to point out 2 important things in this vlog.

  1. Dont be hard on yourself if you fall off the keto wagon.. or any wagon you may be travelling on.. any diet, meal plan, fitness journey, because life is to short to get upset over the smallest things. You need to realise that you are strong you do have will powder and the stamina to pick yourself back up and keep going! And you don’t have to wait 24 hours either.. don’t think ‘woops just had a doughnut, my day is ruined now. Ill keep eating junk.” Well Its not over!  Its hard but do you know whats harder, reverting back to the person you used to be, the person that you were not happy with, so don’t give up, yes we all do it but don’t make it a habit! 

    And 2. Don’t trust the scales! If you will check out one of my other recent vlogs you will see my 4 week experiment where I measured my self and then re-measured 4 weeks later. The results were amazing! So guys my tips, use the scales as a tool only – trust your clothes how they fit then and now, measure yourself and of course don’t forget to take progress photos! You will need them and appreciate them later on.


    Keep going strong and I wish you all the best in any life journey that you are on – because you are the only one that can truly push yourself.



    Good luck!


    Laura x


The next Sarahs Day ? WHAT!!

What says ‘confidence boost’ more than an email telling you you are awesome and to keep following your dreams!!

At 10.30pm on a Friday night an email had popped up from Blog Chicks, explaining how they were very happy to stumble across my online vlogs on my YouTube channel and also loved my informative website. At first I thought it was spam.. but I read on..

The following email was read by myself and had me blown away.

Firstly for those who don’t know ‘Sarah’ from the famous YouTube channel ‘Sarah’s Day’ she is a vlogger on all things health, fitness, holistic and natural! And like me she focus’ on real, whole foods, weight loss, natural products and most importantly loving life. A superstar followed by many!

Image result for sarahs day

So you can say when I read this email from Blog Chicks I was blown away!

“Dear Laura, We just wanted to express how amazing it is that your YouTube channel is getting out there and helping so many women from all walks of life.

It is very rare to find someone so natural and down to Earth! We have been following your vlogs for quite some time and we cannot look away! Your vlogs are informative, funny, a breath of fresh air with some quest bars squished in there somewhere along the way… not to mention the coconut chips! We love how your main focus is work/life/balance, happiness, self love and nutrition and so your daily “in the life vlogs’ have us hooked!

To be a real down to Earth vlogger is something hard to find, but you are honest and raw and so many other things not to mention a busy mother who works full time with a model career on the side! But its great to see you still find time to praise whole foods, fitness, self love and respect and vlog all about it us us to watch! We know this is just the beginning for you and we cant wait to watch you grow.. we would also like to note that we think we are looking at the next big thing just like the famous Sarahs Day.    [OMG!! did I just read that!]  

Keep up the great work Laura, remember to always be yourself and we cant wait to see your future vlogs grow!”

#Girlpower #inspire #Laurasketowayoflife #vlogger4life

Lets just say that I had to read this email more than once, I sat there eating my greens, protein and maca powder smoothie.. with coconut chips of course, and I just smiled. I was so happy to receive this amazing confidence boosting email.

So thank you Blog Chicks, you have made me even more determined to get my name and nature out there to help the many woman in our world with their own health , fitness and work/life balance, and they are right – this is just the beginning of something amazing!


For those who want to check out my YouTube channel just click here


My week by week journey on the Keto / Ketogenic, Banting / LCHF diet

Wow its been 2 months / 8 weeks already on the ketogenic, Banting, LCHF (what ever you call it) “diet” or as I like to say – new way of life.

I thought today I would do a little update – hmm what am i kidding I could type for hours so I dont think its going to be a little blog..

Anyway.. today i started week 9, and looking back over the last 2 months it wasn’t that bad or scary as people think/say it is.

My life was still full of food, restaurants and fun.. and yes on a couple of occasions I did fall off the keto wagon.

Week 1: My starting weight was 7.26 kilos. Week 1 I was great, so excited for the new way of life. I had spent 3 weeks researching as much as I could leading up to starting keto I was so excited and ready to go! Being an already very organised person, I had meal prepping down pat so I had planned out all my meals for the week and went very well. What also helped me this week was I was in a new position for work (it was short term) but I was very busy, so much walking and work to do, sometime I forgot to eat! The results from week 1 I had a massive weight loss of exactly 3.0 kilos! What I was eating was my 2 egg and cheese and spinach omelette, salad, coleslaw for lunch, nuts as snacks or cheese slices, dinner was always meat and green veg or meat and salads. Of course I had to remember to drink lots of water! What I found the hardest: being at home/ the weekends. Why?: Because at home I was surrounded by food, kids snacks, junk food and I was always looking for snacks while watching TV or when I was bored.  Challenge of the week: We went to a pub for dinner for a friends birthday – I was good and only ate a chicken Cesar salad and drank water! Body: 4 days onto keto I had alot of achne/pimples pop up on my face, I think this was the way my body was getting used to the butter and healthy fats I have started eating alot of. Watch my video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1UcGNvPxxA


Week 2: Week 2 started off well, I had meal prepped all my meals for the week (while making the kids and hubby meals to which was a tease, I did start thinking how can I slowly get them eating healthier to.) Mid week I hit a wall, I was so tired and drowsy. I wanted sugar and bread and to just sit on the lounge all day! But I was good and kept plodding along. I stuck to my 3 meals a day and started fasting. So My last meal would be 7pm at night and I would not eat again until 11am the next day. I’m still motivated to do this way of life.. This week I found that after dinner I was still hungry, after dinner I was still looking for more food. I have noticed I was weighing myself every morning – which was bad and I needed to get out of this habit. I was worried about the end of this week as it was the October long weekend we had 3 parties to attend, a weeding and it was also our wedding anniversary on the Monday.. Body: This week my skin was clearing up, the pimples were going and my hair was not as oily as usual. Also keto breath had started a eww metallic taste in my mouth and also my urine started to smell like chemicals. Challenges this week: all the parties we were attending. Watch my video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IeeV_WaZSyc


Week 3: Wow talk about fall off the wagon! I fell off big time and hit every chocolate on my way down! But only had myself to blame. I did what a lot of people say they do when they eat something bad.. think ‘Owell my day is ruined now I may as well keep eating junk!” And I paid for it! 3 kilos was gained from the party weekend, i was back at 72 kilos! Yep just as much as my starting weight before keto. I felt so sick, angry, tired, bloated, oily skin and was craving carbs but I woke up the next day and meal prepped for the new week and started keto all over again! Body: felt fat, sore, bloated and my joints hurt. My skin was so oily to. I ate so much chocolate, cake and fried foods! I stuck to my strict eating this week lots of water, 3 small meals and 15 hours fasts! Luckily by week 4 I was back to weighing 69.4 kilos. Watch my video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCp2nWGbMdU

Week 4: I could tell my body was still paying for all the junk I had eaten the previous week,  I was so sluggish and getting back into ketosis was hell! I couldn’t stop craving sugar! I was hungry and not sleeping well, by day 5 on week 4 I was feeling better and feeling full on my 3 meals a day with a handful of nuts. I also started taking magnesium multi vitamins to help with the constipation. People are telling me to eat more vegetables but I do.. I drink so much water but its still hard going to the bathroom. Body: feeling better being on keto by the end of the week. Challenges: Trying to go number 2 on the loo! Watch my video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3LTD7uo0js

Week 5: Im back and feeling awesome! I have stayed on keto and had a great weekend on  only keto foods and I am enjoying this amazing burst of energy! I am not loosing the weight fast like I was on week 1 and 2 and I have been advised to try fasting. Eat my last meal at 7pm and then not eat until 11am the next day. So I will that long term. I found if I do eat food at 7am when I wake I turn into a crazy eating machine – my metabolism goes into over drive and I eat everything in site! So Im def skipping breakfast now. Watched an awesome documentary called “That Sugar Film” I highly recommend it! New foods I tried: Boccochini cheese and baby tomatoes (yes I have never eaten them before! I now love them in salads)  Weight loss this week 1.5 kilos! Body: Lots of energy this week Challenges: Stop eating breakfast it turned me into a eating monster. Watch my video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RuBWZ7zxjZU

dvd 20161015_13352020161008_181122.jpg

Week 6: Nothing new this week, still stuck to my keto diet. Fasted 15 hours each day and ate between 11am – 7pm. I love cheese and nuts lately, I will put cheese in every meal and if I snack between meals Ill eat almond or macadamia nuts. Weight GAIN this week of 0.900 grams (I have put this down to eating too much cheese and nuts) I had salads for lunch this week and ate around 1400 cals a day so its not a big weight gain but i do think Im eating to much cheese and not sleeping enough. I did a 5km fun run this weekend and loved it! I wasn’t tired after it and did the fun run at 9am on an empty stomach! I felt great lots of energy left over too after the event, normally I would go home and sleep 2 hours but I went home and played with the kids at the park. BUT i did consume the 2 free protein bars we were given after the race to. I think they were 100 cals each high protein and low sugar.  We also went to a BBQ for a birthday that night I was very good, I ate Greek salads and ate alot of steak and cheese were the snack options  for me I stayed away from the chocolate and bags of chips. Body: Feeling lighter and a flatter stomach this week.No oily skin and no craving for sugar or bread! Challenges: Stopping myself from a huge yuck takeaway lunch that I would normally have after a big fun run. Watch my video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03PRVfsr9jI

Week 7: Another week has gone.. I was sick this week from a stomach bug I had picked up so I stayed home for 2 days and ate alot of bread! Thats all I could stomach.. I know bad. At the start of my journey you may have watched my video where I mentioned that I have bad lower back pain and hip joint. I can happily say my hips are great now after staying away from bread and starchy foods and also I got around to seeing a doctor about my back issues. After many scans and blood tests turns out I have an auto immune disease called ankylosing spondylitis which is arthritis in my spine. It cannot be treated (unless I want to live on pain killers forever) but the best thing to do is live on a ketogenic diet and lots of fitness, so this diet is now very important to me that I stick to it and keep the back pain away. Body: My hair and nails are growing so week, my hair is shining and thick and my nails are very strong and long. Was sick with a bug this week. Challenges: I fell off the wagon eating sugar and bread for 2 days while I was home ill. Weight: a loss of 1.0 kilo! Did all that bread and sugar shake my body up? Who knows but dont try this at home?  Watch my video herehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0av_jIS26T8

spine xray 3.11.2016.jpg  Vegemiteontoast_large.jpgmaltesers_tasty_temptations.jpg

Week 8 – Last weeks weight was 69.0 kilos. This week I weighed 69.6 kilos. so a small gain of 600 grams. Nothing much has changed, Im eating my 3 meals a day after 11am and before 7pm. Its a small gain it could even just be water weight. This is why I say dont trust the scales – Measurements are BUST same as last month, WAIST: a loss of 4cm and hips are still the same as last month! See dont trust the scales! My waist is shrinking but weight is the same. Im getting a little bored of eggs for breakfast lately so I have been skipping my 11am omelette some days and it hasn’t phased me. I have found if I eat vegetables instead Im fuller for longer. So I made a huge vegetable lasagna and have been taking a big slice for breakfast and its filling me up until 3pm so Im just having a small salad for lunch and then I go home and just have a boiled egg and steamed veggies most nights. Watch the week 8 videos:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6nRmO_A6lg  keto helped me fight this cold! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6nRmO_A6lg  Body: waist is shrinking! I feel lighter and no so bloated.

Week 9 – Omg what a weekend! Weigh in was a big gain! I gained 3.7 kilos in 3 days! Today I weigh: 71.5 kilos! I did so great on keto this week from Monday to Friday! I knew my work Christmas party was going to be bad, so I weighed myself on Friday and I was so happy to see that my small meals and no cheese had made a difference at the start of the week!  Monday I was 69.6 kilos on Friday I was 67.8kg I had lost 1.8 kilos in 5 days! Just by cutting out meat and cheeses and no exercise! Amazing! But then I drank alcohol and ate chocolates at our Christmas party on Saturday! My weight went sky high come today! Im currently 71.5 kilos! See you go off the track for 2 days, for what to have alcohol and eat sugar and all it does is make you tired, sluggish and gain weight! Anyway I’ve only myself to blame, tomorrow is a new day and Im gonna keep on going- Im excited to say hubby is now joining me on the keto journey, things will be so much more easier at home.. stressful at the start I know, but easier and better for our health in the long run! I said at the start of this journey that I would never push or preach the keto/ Banting/ LCHF way of life onto people, they would see the results through me and if they had questions Id be there to help them. So Im glad hubby wants a change,to get off the sugar and carb addiction that we once shared together. To have that energy and quick thinking and just to be healthier in the long run. He is currently boarder line diabetes to so this will be good for him. We have been through so much in 10 years so I know we can do this! Its all about supporting and loving each others decisions isn’t that what marriage is all about? Body: feels so yuck from alcohol, I feel so tired and fat, so bloated and sore. The next day my muscles and stomach ached from all that junk food and alcohol! Give me keto food any day! Challenges: this whole weekend was full of challenges.. but Im now happy to have hubby join me along the way.

My current chart of weight loss on keto. My starting weight was 72.6 kilos



Week 10 – What a busy week I have had! Monday to Friday was the usual, busy at work, finished planning the big family fate I was organising and running for work, I was very good and watched what I ate, I am still fasting so having dinner with the kids at 6.30pm and no more food after 7pm and then eating the next day after 11am.  My body is used to this way of eating now. Im not waking up starving and I feel full throughout the morning and night. Friday night we had a 40th to go to, this was my husbands 1st outing to a PUB on the LCHF diet, I did tell him we didn’t have to go but he said ‘no no Ill be fine” and he did great! Im used to keto/LCHF food now so I have my ‘pub food orders’ down pat now if we go out any where. I order chicken breast grilled served with a side of steamed vegetables (carrots, pumpkin and cauliflower and broccoli are served) no gravy just butter. Its great! I know I carrots and pumpkin are not on the keto green list BUT its my treat if we go out which is rare. My husband Gavin ordered a chicken Cesar salad (at 1st the lady taking our order was shocked at that, a big beefy guy who can easily eat 3 pies and 8 beers wanted a salad) BUT wait he then said please take off the dressing, no chicken, no croutons and extra poached egg please. I was smiling.. so proud. So we enjoyed our mates birthday with keto food and many jugs of water. Went home and Saturday night was another ladies night our party with the girls, i must admit I was naughty tonight I had grilled chicken, potato gems and gravy! ARGH!!! But it was so good.. I stayed away from the cocktails and chocolates but. Sunday came around and my big event was here! What a great day so many rides for the kids the weather was great and we were so busy all day we didn’t eat until 2pm. I had a Mexican chilli burrito, it was so yum.. not keto friendly but I burned it off fast running around helping people and climbing up that rock climbing wall! We got home late Sunday night and I had 2 cups of broccoli and cauliflower with a teaspoon of butter at 6pm and then went to bed. My legs are still sore today (Monday) and I was worried about hopping on the scales for weigh in. I know coming up to Christmas there was going to be so many events on but I must stay focused and not get of track. Ok so last week I weighed: 71.6 kilos today I weighed 69.6 kilos! Thats a loss of 2 kilos this week! And I must say I didn’t eat very strict keto on the weekend. So I was happy with that result. What I can say is that the inflammation in my body has been horrible since eating the non keto foods over the weekend and I need to remind my self that Im not eating keto to loose weight but my body needs keto to be pain free! Lets see how week 11 will be..so far its 2pm on Monday the 5.12.2016 and I have not had lunch yet as I dont feel hungry. And Im going to stick to that rule that many keto people tell me “dont eat unless you are actually hungry!”  You can watch my video update here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpsHP8s5KcY