How to start a low carb high fat (LCHF / Keto) diet..


Like anything new you want to start, you have to be 100% on board and fully committed to making this change. No one else can do it for you – only you. So dont start this new way of life (its not a diet just a new way of living) as ‘a thing you’ll try on Monday but on Wednesday your going to all you can eat for pasta and hot chips and Saturday is ice cream and coffee day with the girls..”
For this way of life to work you have to understand there are rules (rules that seem hard at the start bu trust me they do get easier) for it to actually work and to see results you have got to stick to it otherwise if you have 2 weeks of perfect eating and a great weight loss and then you do a 3 days binge eating and alcohol fest, it is just going to 1. disappointed you and you will be so annoyed yourself 2. Stop you being in ketosis 3. you will probably gain more wight than you lost and 4. With all that sugar and carbs in your body it will make the cravings all come back 10 fold!
Trust me I have been there (on week 3 of starting on LCHF watch the vlog here)
It may seem scaring at the thought of this whole new way of life to begin with, so many things to think about, what to buy, what to eat, do I eat breakfast, can I eat this or that?
This is why i strongly suggest you read into this way of life before beginning.
Just start little by little. Just think at least ever small change you make that’s already getting you a step closer to being healthier which is great.

This keto pyramid shows of what food groups you should be consuming most and a little bit. Yes it is a shock at first when the keto pyramid is almost the opposite to the national health standards food pyramid!

The pyramid we were once told to eat by..

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The Keto way..

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At one end you have fried, processed carbs, cakes, sweets, ice cream. At the other end, very little carbs, whole foods, and no packaged goods. Don’t think it is impossible.

Don’t think it is impossible. Just do the best you can and each step is a step closer. Every step you can take to reduce your carbohydrate consumption is fantastic.

Every step you can take to reduce your carbohydrate consumption is fantastic. If you eat 3 meals a day and maybe 1 snack you will be on the right track to a healthier better lifestyle.

I was never a lover of vegetables, but its amazing how your taste buds will change over time and how your body will start craving things like mushrooms, spinach and strawberries! These are all veggies I had never eaten before until switching to a cleaning way of eating now I cant get enough!


REMEMBER: Its all baby steps to begin with, for me it was very hard to add fat (butter, oils) to my diet as I was always told not to eat them. Secondly if you do slip up.. don’t write the whole day off and say “oops I just had a piece of Vegemite toast, my day is ruined I may as well go eat ice cream and have a chocolate bar..” Don’t do this, your then making excuses for your bad habits and it will keep happening each day if you let it! If you do slip up just forget about that meal and concentrate on the healthy choices for the rest of your day.

My 1st week of Keto.


Laura x

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