Hi I’m Laura, welcome to my website Laura’s Keto way of life.

A little about me.. (ok alot about me, but I want you to understand how I got to were I am today)

I’m a 29 year old woman living in Sydney Australia, I’m a mother, wife, full time employee and I’m always flat out!

As you can imagine a mother of two toddlers is probably the most hardest role and the fact that the husband works 65 hours a week – its not easy! Caring for two little ones (and one big one), making sure they eat, sleep and live well is my main priority but there does need to be a balance in all of this.

Taking on so many roles in life does put a lot of strain and pressure on yourself, which is why it has taken me a fair while to realise I need to make myself a priority to.

I have had a few people come up and say to me: “why are you on a ‘diet’ you’re skinny – you don’t need to be on keto, your already at a great BMI weight!” But trust me! Just because someone is skinny does not mean that they are healthy, physically, mentally or nutritionally.

And guess what! I was not always a size 8! Actually Ive never been the size I am today, even in my school years! I was always the tall, chubby size 16 girl with glasses, had no hobbies, didn’t do sport and  hung around the quiet group who just read books and watched movies on weekends stuffing our face with ice cream, it wasn’t until I became a mother myself I knew things had to change.

I was 17 and moved out of home with my then boyfriend and now husband, we both worked full time but reached that ‘relationship comfort zone’ I’m sure you know about that, we had each other, a tv and a lot of junk food to share on weekends, so that became our relaxation bonding time. On the weekends we would sit and share a tub of ice-cream and a pizza between us (sometimes a pizza each!) and think nothing of it, we were happy, relaxing and food always made us happy, of course that didn’t help with our waist line.

A few years later I was pregnant with our first child and I had really let myself go in that time, still worked full time but I ate til the cows came home, and not good either, I lived on chocolate, ice cream, take away and even doughnuts at 8am were my thing.. In my mind I knew what I was doing wasn’t good for me, so to ‘balance it out’ so to say, I would eat a salad for lunch and just used the excuse “Im pregnant, Ill loose the baby weight after bubs is here”..

So 9 months later our beautiful girl came along and by the end of it I had put on 14 kilos! Why didn’t anyone tell me this baby thing was hard work, lack of sleep, cleaning, cot changes, so much washing I don’t have time to eat healthy now and exercise! So I didn’t. Luckily breastfeeding was a huge help and I had lost 10 kilos in 6 months, I still weighed 95 kilos/ 209 lbs, and was not happy at all. 6 months after bubs was born I had to return back to work, bubs went to child care and I went back to woking MON – FRI  8-5pm. I was so tired, I didn’t like looking in the mirror and wish I had more energy.. I would come home and cook every night for hubby as he would do long hours too and by the time I bathed and fed the baby, made lunches for tomorrow and hung a load of washing out at midnight, the last thing I wanted to do was sit down and eat so I didn’t, I would have a piece of toast and go to bed. Same with breakfast, I didn’t have time for that either, I would wake up tired and rushed for work, so I ended up only eating a 2 minute cup of noodles and a carrot each day for lunch and a piece of toast or a bowl of corn flakes for dinner.

I kept this up for almost 6 months until I started noticing things, my clothes started to get baggy really fast, my hair was falling out and getting thin, I had constipation issues, my skin was so dry and I was so tired, more tired than when I had bubs and we were in the talks of planning for baby number 2! I can’t live like this I was a walking zombie, forgetful, angry, sleepy, moody, dedicating all my time to bubs, hubby and work, when did I stop thinking about me?

I had to make a change and so I did.. I did some research about food, how eating right can change your life and you as a person! Green veg and red meat was something I was not a fan of.. I grew up in a busy household myself as a child, we ate nice dinners every night, the usual meat and 3 veg, spaghetti, casseroles and BBQS, but I guess when you get your own freedom and move out of home, it’s up to you to cook and feed yourself well.  Hubby was easy to please, he’s a man of simple taste he could eat, steak mash and peas until the cows came home, but not me.. I guess that was the other reason I stopped eating our dinners to, they were boring and repetitive.

So I decided a changed had to happen and I had a child now, I wanted her to eat healthy to.

I needed to exercise to endorphin’s and more energy so I started getting up at 5.30am before bubs woke and went for a 30 minute jog, I came back hungry to had toast for breakfast, being up early I had time to make a salad or sandwich for lunch for work and I would come home and make a vegie bake or cauliflower rice dish for dinner while hubby’s meat and 3 veg cooked. And our little girl was at that age that she would eat anything pureed so that was handy, I was excited to see her eat all the different healthy meals I was eating.

And do you know what after a couple of months I had energy! I was still tired from waking up to a baby teething 2 times a night and then working 8 hours the next day, but I felt different, more alert, more happy, my skin was clear, my mood was good and I looked forward to running each morning at 5.30am – yes after a few weeks I could actually run 1km without stopping I was amazed! I started craving these vegetables I had never had before, mushrooms, eggplant, sweet potatoes, my taste buds had changed and it was great! Of course I couldn’t convince hubby to this way of eating just yet..

November 2012 I was pregnant again with baby number 2. I weighed 85 kilos and was going to be much wiser this time around, eating healthy for me and bubs, so I did a lot of pregnant yoga, walking and still loved eating well, that pregnancy was great and I only put on 6 kilos and had a (4.98 kilo) 10.5lbs baby boy! He was huge! All naturally mind you no drugs and a 4 hour labour, my body was in great shape and it showed that through labour!

So here I was it was 2013 and I was now a mum with two children under 2. I loved my 6 months off on maternity leave, taking the kids to the park, long walks and one on one time but again I could only afford to take 6 months off work and had to go back as bills had to be paid, but being a mum kept me on my toes, my life was so full, hubby also decided to go out on his own (work wise) and started his own business, so I rarely saw him, long hours and hard days for both of us meant that the only way I was going to stay sane was to get organised in a routine and plan everything! From meals, to clothes to shopping to shower time, it was hard work and but wasn’t going to let myself slump back into my old habits.

After our son was 7 months old I started getting into daily exercise again at early hours of the morning before work, I enjoyed running and did notice my change in mood and energy levels if I started binge eating again on ice cream chocolate and cereals, i was so grumpy craving more sugars and tired from the carb over load.


My children are now 3 and 5 and I can happily say I stuck to the healthy way of eating and Im glad I did. I now weigh 68 kilos, I’m a healthy BMI and I actually love competing in hikes, and running events now! BUT it wasn’t until I read about Ketosis that I realised everything I was eating wasn’t really very good for me and if I did switch to keto maybe a lot of my aches and pains, fatigue, bloating would go away..

All my life I was told, by TV, super markets, my parents “don’t eat that that’s too much fat,  dont eat too much cheese, cut the fat off that bacon  Make sure you buy the lean cuts of meat, eat your potatoes and wheat it’s good for you..” Well looks like we have all been fed a bunch of lies over time if you now look at the keto food pyramid. It turns out the cave men did it right. Lots of good fats, protein and leafy greens is all we need with little to no carbs! This Keto thing had me intrigued, I had to look into this more.. I searched websites, read books and watched hours of different YouTube videos.. how can these people be loosing weight so well eating butter and bacon, so I decided to try it.. not so much for the weight loss effect but I wanted this better way off life, the amazing things your body does while in ketosis. I must admit I was way to dependent on sugars and carbs to get me through the day and didn’t realise I was eating so much of them (see video below of my daily intake) I was eating a lot of toast for breakfast or cereals, lean meat, sandwiches, 3 apples a day, tins of pineapple, carrot sticks galore and loved mashed potatoes! But I did not realise all I was eating was sugar and carbs.. which if I did not burn these off they would just turn into stored fats.. and having a desk job did not see me doing more than 4000 steps a day! This way of life seemed too good to be true, but in reality its how we should have stayed eating all along! I had to give it a try!

So my starting weight at week one (19th September 2016) was 72.6 kilos 7 days later on the keto diet I weighed in at 69.6 kilos! That’s a weight loss of 3 kilos (6.2lbs)

View my YouTube vlog results for week one here.

I was blown away! All the fatty meats, bacon, butter, cheese, pork crackling! Things I was told to not to eat too much of was actually doing good for me..

So this is where it all began.. follow me on my journey, on my new way of life, share your story or hopefully be inspired by mine that anyone can do this, like anything it just takes time to adapt and a healthy outlook on life.. I am hoping to get hubby on board soon, but I never pressure someone into doing something they dont want to do, so for now Ill keep cooking for him, while also cooking for me and the kids can eat a mix.

So please follow me on YouTube and on my website as I’m sure there will be a lot of highs and lows..

My YouTube Channel is here!




Video of what I was eating daily before keto..


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