2 Week course! From flab 2 fit! How to start the keto diet..

HOW MUCH DOES THIS COST?:  Nothing! Its FREE! Im not doing this for money, Im doing this to save peoples lives and my own


HOW DO YOU CONTACT ME FOR ANY QUESTIONS?: You can use my email link on this website or via Youtube or Instagram.

WHAT DO I EAT?: Food plan to come in my next blog.

Hello my keto followers! 

If you are a fan and follow my YouTube account you would have seen that I did a vlog on the 14.07.2017 explaining how I have completed fallen off the keto wagon this week and have not been myself lately, not being strict and not having willpower to stay focused on keto. While at work today I though, I cannot be the only one! Surely there are others out me, falling off the keto wagon, binge eating on ‘treat / cheat days’ and then never getting off the treats.. Or there may be people who want to start keto but dont know how.

You can spend hours watching Youtube videos, for ideas, making excuses, trying to physc yourself up for that certain date to come around to start or you can get your butt butt into gear and join me!

Starting fresh on Monday Im am getting my butt, head and body into gear and getting back onto this keto train! And I want to help you too!

I understand how hard it is to get out of a rut and into a healthy way of eating, but once you do and when you are there its the best feeling ever! So let me start again from scratch and let you guys join me on this adventure. Dont get me wrong it was be hard, stressful, you will cry, get moody, maybe even avoid events where you will be surrounded by temptations but believe me it will get better!

So on Sunday the 16th of July 2017 – we will go grocery shopping together! Eat off the same meal plan (of course you can add and change items if you have allergies etc) and basically motivate each other to get back in to shape.

I will go back to the gym, if you dont have a gym I will also provide an exercise list you can do at home – if you have not done any exercising as of yet and firstly just want to focus on healthy eating you can do that to!

I will get back on to posting on my Instagram so we can chat daily and stay motivated.

I will continue my 16:8 fasting (last meal of the day at 7pm and 1st meal of the next day at 11am)

So I want you to pop on to my Instagram account if you have one, mine is @lauras_ketowayoflife and comment below my fit 2 flab image and let me know if you are with me! Lets motivate each other and get healthy again!

Starting Monday July 17th 2017 we are getting our healthy lives back!

Now I better get onto creating our meal ideas for the next 2 weeks! Work out guide and sorting out our shopping list!







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