My Egg Fast Results..

Ok so I started the 4 day egg fast on May 1st 2017 and here are the results!

Firstly for those who dont know about my YouTube channel head over there to check it out as I documented each day and my feelings on the egg fast.

Ok so before I get into the nitty gritty – lets take a look at what I ate over the 4 days and what my calories and macros looked like.


Monday DAY 1 – Starting weight 69.8 kilos (153.8 lbs)

Breakfast (468 cals) – Cheese Omelette 2 Eggs, 2TB Butter and 30g grated tasty cheese. Salt, pepper & chili flakes.

Lunch (493 cals) – 3 boiled eggs 2 TB of Whole Egg Mayo, 1 tsp. of curry powder and 30g grated tasty cheese.

Snack: None

Dinner (493 cals)– Cream Cheese pancakes: 2 eggs, 3 table spoons of cream cheese, 1tsp spoon of stevia and 1 TB spoon of butter.

How do I feel? I feel good. I started the day feeling like any other Monday, hungry and excited for my 11.30am breakfast (I’m still fasting daily 16:8) I woke up happy and energized and went to the gym for a 1 hour work out. I enjoyed the breakfast, by 2pm I was not hungry so I didnt eat my egg salad lunch until 3.30pm! I was shocked. On the drive home at 5pm I didnt feel like my boiled egg snack so I didnt eat it. I started cooking my keto pancakes for dinner at 7pm and felt a little off – no headaches but a little tired and not 100%, so I drank 1 teaspoon of pink salt in a cup of water and had a multivitamin and then ate off of my keto pancakes.. I wanted to go to bed early but I stayed up working on my website until 11.30pm! Naughty!

Egg count: 7

Fat: 8 Tb Spoons

Hard Cheese: 60g  Macros: Carbs: 6g Fat: 122g Protein: 60g   Total cals: 1370

Image result for cheese omelette   Image result for deviled eggs   Image result for lauras keto pancakes

Tuesday DAY 2 – today’s weight 69.1 kilos (152.3 lbs)

Breakfast (471) – Cheese Omelette 2 Eggs, 1 TB Butter and 30g grated tasty cheese. Salt, pepper & chili flakes.

Lunch (490) – Cream Cheese pancakes: 2 eggs, 3 table spoons of cream cheese, 1tsp of stevia and 2 TB spoons of butter.

Snack (70): 1 x Boiled Egg

Dinner (884) – Snickerdoodle Crepes – 3 eggs, 5 TBL Cream Cheese softened, 1 tsp Cinnamon and 1 stevia spoon of Stevia, 2 TB butter (for frying it in) For the filling: 1 Tbsp butter softened & Stevia.

How do I feel? This morning I woke up tired (probably due to falling asleep at almost midnight last night), so I ignored my 4.30am alarm for the gym and slept in until 6am. I took the dog for a 10 minute walk and came home and made my omelette for my 11.30am breakfast. I hoped on the scales and have lost 700g / 1.5 lbs so that was good to see. When I weigh myself, I do it first thing in the morning (well, after going to the toilet), undressed, and with the scale always at the same position.

Im not over eggs yet, I still love them and look forward to my meals for the day. At 10.30am I was really hungry but I waited until 11.30am until I ate my omelette. I noticed Im drinking alot of water today, hopefully not too much to water down my electrolytes.  I did remember to salt all my foods today. My mood is good and Im excited for the day. I enjoyed my keto pancakes for lunch and ate a late dinner at 7pm but fell in love with the snickerdoodle crepes! OMG YUM! Went to bed at 9.30pm

Egg count: 8

Fat: 14 Tb Spoons  Hard Cheese: 30g  Macros: Carbs: 12g Fat: 163g Protein: 59g

Total cals: 1715

Image result for cheese omelette  Image result for lauras keto pancakesImage result for boiled egg  Image result for snickerdoodle crepes

Wednesday DAY 3 – today’s weight 68.6 kilos (151.2 lbs)

Breakfast (368)– Scrambled eggs – 2 eggs, salt, pepper, 30g shredded cheese, 1 TBL butter

Lunch (603) – Toasted Cheese Waffle sandwiches x 2:  2 eggs, 3 table spoons of cream cheese, 1 tsp spoon of stevia and 1TB spoons of butter and 2 x thick slices of cheese.

Snack (70) – 1 egg

Dinner (653): 1 fried egg, hot sauce and 1 slice of cheese & 2 boiled eggs, 1 tsp curry powder and 2 x table spoons of mayo.

Egg count: 8

Fat: 7 Tb Spoons  Hard Cheese: 130g  Macros: Carbs: 9g Fat: 146g Protein: 83g

Total cals: 1694

How do I feel? This morning I was awake at 3.30am thanks to that ketosis energy! But I woke with a cold. Runny nose, blocked sinus and watery eyes. It could be the keto flu. My calf muscles are still sore from Mondays work out and yoga, I’ve never had muscle pain last this long so could also be my body aching from the cold virus too. I had no energy to work out at the gym so I stayed in bed until 5am then got up and made my meals for today. I still feel fine (besides the cold) happy, no headaches, I felt hungry at 7am but not starving so I know I can continue my 16:8 fast until 11.30am. Im looking forward to lunch today – I’m still not sick of eggs. I really enjoyed lunch at 2.30pm and a few of my co-workers were very interested in my waffles to.. The tasted and smelt delicious! At a boiled egg at 4.30pm.

I got home at 5.30pm and started to feel horrible stomach cramps, my stomach was gurgling and not right and then I ran to the toilet and had diarrhea. A very watery, dark green oily liquid. (sorry for the TMI) an hour later I was back to normal.. was this the whoosh effect happening? For dinner I avoided butter in case the runs started again so I ate egg mayo salad and 1 fried egg with hot sauce and a slice of cheese. An hour later I felt really bloated and uncomfortable so I went to bed at 9.30pm to rest. I noticed last night in the shower.. my nails have become really brittle and 4 have snapped off during this egg fast!

Image result for scrambled eggs Image result for boiled egg Image result for keto cheese waffle sandwich  Image result for fried egg and hot sauce

Thursday Day 4 – today’s weight 67.6 kilos (149 lbs)

Breakfast (501) – Snickerdoodle Crepes – 2 eggs, 3 TBL Cream Cheese softened, 1 tsp Cinnamon and 1 stevia spoon of Stevia, 2 TB butter (for frying it in)

Lunch (255) – Toasted Cheese Waffle sandwiches x 1:  1 eggs, 2 table spoons of cream cheese, 1tsp spoon of stevia and 1 x thick slices of cheese.

Snack : none

Dinner (423): 2 x fried eggs, 3 slices of tasty cheese

Egg count: 5

Fat: 7 Tb Spoons  Hard Cheese: 30g  Macros: Carbs: 7g Fat: 99g Protein: 56g

Total cals: 1179

How do I feel? – I woke up great today, yep the cold symptoms were gone! I say it must have been the keto flu I had yesterday. I had a good sleep and I woke up feeling refreshed and not bloated. I wasn’t hungry and I had energy to go to the gym so I went and did a 1 hour work out on cardio and weights. My strength and stamina is still great! I jumped on the scales and lost 1 kilo! I was shocked! Im now down to 67.6 kilos / 149 lbs!

At 10am I started to get really hungry! I was very tempted to eat my breakfast but thought – ‘ I can do this! Just 1 more hour!’ After 5 minutes and 2 cups of water the hunger went away. (I’ve got to remember this!) 11.30am I had my snicker doodle crepes they are yum! Im glad I decided to try them despite not liking cinnamon but I guess on a restricted diet of eggs and fat I’ll take anything to add flavour! Haha! I ate lunch at 2.30pm and ate just one of my toasted cheese waffles, my body was over eggs now I think, after the 1st one my stomach was bloated and my body said NO MORE EGGS. I skipped my boiled egg snack too. I got home at 5.30pm and still felt good considering I haven’t had much salted foods today.. woops. Im very thirsty and have only been drinking water but other than that I feel fine! I feel I could if I had to, do this egg fast for 2 weeks that I could do it – as long as I had more yummy egg recipes to try. I feel after 4 days the food is getting pretty boring. But I’m still doing chugging along! For dinner I still did not feel like eggs so I just ate 2 fried eggs and 3 slices of cheese and that was it.  Went to bed at 9.30pm. EGG FAST COMPLETE!

  20170427_183216  Image result for lauras keto pancakesImage result for fried egg and hot sauce


Friday morning – 5.5.2017 – Final Weigh in!

This morning I woke at 4am and was excited that i will be getting different foods today! But I have to be really careful not to over eat and not carb loading (with veggies) If I binge eat now even on keto foods, all that hard work from the last 4 days will be a waste! I hopped on the scales this morning and was surprised – my weight had not changed! In fact it had gone up by 100g / 0.22lbs. But all up I have lost 2.1 kilos (4.6 lbs) in 4 days! That is still a lot! But was it just all water weight?  Did I not eat enough fats yesterday – or food at all? Im still trying to get my head around this whole egg / fat fast and why/ how does it all work but I still can figure it out. All i know is that the body must go into ketosis from the very low amount of carb intake (I was only eating on average 6 grams of carbs a day!). Good news – I still love eggs and cheese, I dont think I could ever get sick of cheese!



Why did I do the egg fast in the first place?: After being on keto for 7 months now I wanted to mix things up a little, give my body a bit of a wake up, change up my metabolism and of course do this experiment to see if an egg fast really works at getting your body into ketosis fast and of course the big question ‘does it make the weight fall off’. I only ever do these types of experiments after really researching the effect, health concerns and down sides of them before hand. I was asked if I could do & document a egg fast by one of my keto followers in March 2017. It seemed like a reasonable fast so after alot of research and working out exactly what I needed to eat, I decided to try the 4 day egg fast and of course document it for others that may be too scared to try it themselves.

How do I feel now after completing the egg fast?: Relieved, happy but sad in a way..  I have enjoyed this experiment. It was good to put my body through something like this fat fast to see how I would cope. And I must say I surprised myself, no migraines or low blood sugar crash – I think I did great. Im happy now that I can go back to eating keto and enjoy my vegetables and meats. But It also taught me self-control, patience and will power which I had let slip over the past few months. Relieved that I dont have to just eat eggs every day now, by day 4 that was really bothering my body. Sad – because the 4 days are over and I enjoyed creating new recipes, vlogging and informing followers of my challenges and when Im on an experiment I get excited to push myself, I like a challenge and the thrill on completion, now Im just back on the 16:8, 5:2 diet fast and keto haha..

How did I feel on the egg fast?: I felt good, the keto flu knocked me around on day 3 but I just made sure I had my salt and multi vitamin and I was fine. I started craving sugar bad on day 3, I couldn’t stop thinking about ice cream and sweets – I was even just browsing the web for keto treats all day! I missed my veggies most. I was happy that I still had my energy and stamina to carry on as normal each day and work out at the gym. Although I only went to the gym twice on the egg fast, as it was too cold and simply – I was just lazy. I was sleeping well and not starving the whole time which showed that the good fats and protein kept me full.

What was the hardest thing?: Cooking dinner for my family each night and not even being able to steal a little bit off their plate. The rules are very strict but I followed them.

What did I like about the egg fast? I liked that eating just eggs and fat kept me full, sometimes the meals were very filling I thought I couldn’t eat it all. I like that I didn’t look or feel oily or bloated after eating such large amounts of fat. I also loved that I discovered great healthy recipes too, I now have a love for snicker doodle crepes!

What did I hate about the egg fast?: I didn’t really hate anything about it which is a good sign. I didnt like the cravings that was hard but we all get that when going into ketosis. 

Any tips?: Yes – meal planning is the key! Having very very limited ingredients to play with each day made choosing what to eat very hard, especially if you’re like me and need to prepare you daily meals before heading off to work. I did a lot of research on the egg fast before i started and even sat down for 2 hours and wrote down my menu plan for the next 4 days and calculated the macros for each meal to make sure I was on track and this made each day so much easier to do, I just woke up checked my meal planner and cooked what I needed for the day. Also this fast I think is very easy for someone who is already on keto or a low carb high fat diet. Because my body was already fat adapted and living low carb I had no issues over the 4 days.

Did it help with a weight loss stall? Im not really sure if I was in a stall? My weight changes each week on how much I eat or how little I eat.. But I did think ‘wow I lost 2 kilos in 4 days!!” but that’s mainly because I wasn’t eat much, I know going back onto keto foods my weight may go back up again a little – I guess only time will tell.

Would you do it again? To lose weight fast? No. I think its better to cut down on calories and portion control while eating a healthy keto lifestyle to lose weight then to shock the body with egg fasts all the time. But if I had a huge week on eating junk food, sugary treats and fell off the keto wagon I would maybe try to do an egg fast for 4 days to get my body back on track and into ketosis again.


Thank you for following my egg fast journey – if you have any questions please send me a message!


Laura x




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