My Daily 4 Day Egg Fast Diary May 1st 2017


Hi everyone I just wanted to share my egg fast diary with you all.. Each day I have just written small notes on how Im feeling while doing my keto 4 day egg / fat fast. At the end of my experiment on May 5th I will also upload a blog & vlog on my egg fast experience – every thing I hate, my total daily calories, recipes and macros. If you have any questions about the egg fast please dont feel shy to ask.

Day 1 – Monday 1.5.2017 – Starting weight: 69.8 kilos (153.8lbs) How do I feel? I feel good, excited and energised. I started the day feeling like any other Monday, hungry and excited for my 11.30am breakfast (I’m still fasting daily 16:8 too) I woke up happy and energized at 5am and went to the gym for a 1 hour work out. I enjoyed breakfast at 11.30am, by 2pm I was not hungry which surprised me so I didnt eat my egg salad lunch until 3.30pm! I was shocked but knew with all that fat and protein in meal that this may happen. On the drive home at 5pm i didnt feel like my boiled egg snack so I didnt eat it. I started cooking my keto pancakes for dinner at 7pm and felt a little off – no headaches but a little tired and not 100%, so I drank 1 teaspoon of pink himalayan salt in a cup of water and had a multivitamin and then ate all of my keto pancakes. I went to the toilet tonight and did a number 2 which is rare for me normally I am that regular that I go every second day as soon as I wake up. But it was fine – no constipation. I wanted to go to bed early but I stayed up working on my website until 11.30pm! Naughty! I knew I would pay for it tomorrow. 


Day 2How do I feel? This morning I woke up tired (probably due to falling asleep at almost midnight last night), so I ignored my 4.30am alarm for the gym and slept in until 6am. I took the dog for a 10 minute walk and came home and made my omelette for my 11.30am breakfast. I hoped on the scales and have lost 700g / 1.5 lbs so that was good to see. When I weigh myself, I do it first thing in the morning (well, after going to the toilet), undressed, and with the scale always in the same position. I feel lighter and not so big around the waistline – which my brain cant work out as Im eating so much butter.

Im not over eggs yet, I still love them and look forward to my meals for the day. At 10.30am I was really hungry but I waited until 11.30am until I ate my omelette. I noticed Im drinking alot of water today, hopefully not too much to water down my electrolytes.  I did remember to salt all my foods today. My mood is good and Im excited for the day. I enjoyed my keto pancakes for lunch and ate a late dinner at 7pm but fell in love with the snickerdoodle crepes! OMG YUM! Went to bed at 9.30pm. I noticed last night in the shower.. my nails have become really brittle and 4 have snapped off during this egg fast! Dam!

Day 3How do I feel? This morning I was wide awake at 3.30am thanks to that ketosis energy! But I woke with a cold. Runny nose, blocked sinus and watery eyes. It could be the keto flu. I hopped on the scales and I have had another loss! 500 grams / 1 lb but still after eating so much yesterday Im surprised. My calf muscles are still sore from Mondays work out and yoga, I’ve never had muscle pain last this long so could also be my body aching from the cold virus too. I had no energy to work out at the gym so I stayed in bed until 5am then got up and made my meals for today. I still feel fine (besides the cold) happy, no headaches, I felt hungry at 7am but not starving so I know I can continue my 16:8 fast until 11.30am. Im looking forward to lunch today – I’m still not sick of eggs. I really enjoyed lunch at 2.30pm and a few of my co-workers were very interested in my waffles to.. The tasted and smelt delicious! At a boiled egg at 4.30pm.

I got home at 5.30pm and started to feel horrible stomach cramps, my stomach was gurgling and not right and then I ran to the toilet and had diarrhea. A very watery, dark green oily liquid. (sorry for the TMI) an hour later I was back to normal.. was this the whoosh effect happening? For dinner I avoided butter in case the runs started again so I ate egg mayo salad and 1 fried egg with hot sauce and a slice of cheese. An hour later I felt really bloated and uncomfortable so I went to bed at 9.30pm to rest. 

Day 4 


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