What is the 5:2 Diet on Keto? And Why Am I Doing It?

So for those who haven’t been following my channel on you tube you may not know about my new added life style change in my eating habits (5:2 on Keto), I am currently doing a experiment program to show my followers the best way to lose weight is to eat a healthy diet full of whole foods, low carbs and no sugars and that in my opinion the secret to losing weight is debated saying its all about calories in VS calories out!.

So its called the 5:2 diet I have incorporated this ‘diet’ for the course of 8 weeks to show you how I will lose 8 kilos in 8 weeks’ by counting calories and of course still eating the ketogenic way of life.

So what is the 5:2 Diet? The 5:2 diet involves restricting your calorie consumption to 25% of your energy (calorie) needs, two days a week (my 500 calorie fasting days), and eating normally the rest of the time. This means you’re consuming less calories – so you will lose weight. 

Sounds easy? Well it is if you eat correctly! Now I know people will say “counting calories is rubbish, its unhealthy mentally and not a lifestyle that you will want to maintain forever!” I will be honest now and say yes to start calorie counting is hard for someone who has never counted calories before but like anything it becomes easier over time. Your brain is a sponge and will remember the calorie amounts of foods over time so you will know what you should and shouldn’t really eat.

When should I start this diet’? Pick a date that suits you and get excited that from this day your health and weight will become better!

Firstly you will need 2 items to make your life easier eating this way. They are the My Fitness Pal App and a scale to weigh your food.

Next only start this ‘diet’ if you are going to be 100% committed, only you can change your life, so you need to take the leap. Also start researching! There is alot of info online and YouTube, be familiar with how it all works before you begin.

Next pick 2 days a week that you want to be your fasting days ( where only 500 calories are consumed on these days). I like to fast on Monday and Fridays. (because i go to yoga on my lunch breaks on these days so it keeps me busy and the time fly’s by.)

Can anyone do this 5:2 way of eating? People who should avoid fasting include pregnant women or nursing mothers, children and teenagers, and those with a history of eating disorders.

Those with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, or other chronic or acute medical conditions must talk to their specialist before embarking on this plan. It always makes sense to check with your doctor before any lifestyle change so they can advise you.

How I do 5:2 on Keto – Im a eating machine once I’ve had that first bite of food in the morning – it starts my metabolism and I end up grazing all day if I eat breakfast.. so I dont any more and skipping breakfast is not a bad thing. I like to do intermittent fasting it helps lose weight, lowers your blood insulin levels, creates Cellular repair and gives my body and digestive system a rest from processing food eaten that day. You could say that every day I do the 16:8 fast – which is another name for a fasting program but when you think about it we fast every day anyway.. you eat dinner and go to sleep thats a fast. My last meal each day is at 7pm and then my next meal is at 11.30am the next day so that means I have fasted for 16 hours and will eat in a 8 hour window before 7pm comes along again. (16:8)

So on my fasting days I still do a 16:8 fast but on Mondays and Fridays I just watch my calorie intake so that I only eat up to 500 calories. Also on these days I dont go to the gym as I dont want to become over tired, hungry and over work my body when there’s not many calories to be consumed. but I do do a 1 hour yoga class at lunch.

My Tips: Meal prep is the key, always work out what you are going to eat before you start your fast day. I dont mean you have to be up cooking all weekend but get up an hour earlier or the night before get your my fitness pal app out and calculate foods that you like and what can you eat within 500 calories.  The people that say 500 cal days are ‘stupid and impossible’ obviously have never eaten whole foods and low carb vegetables! You can still eat alot of food on your fast days you just have to be wise about what you chose, as I mentioned high fat foods are out as its high in calories, anything from the keto red list is of course is out and yummy whole fresh foods are in! Yes you could easily starve on your fast day, IF you choose to eat 1 boiled egg and 4 Tim Tams! That’s your 500 calories gone! So be smart with your choices. Also drink at least 2L of water through the day and salt your food! Salt is very important! No salt intake = bad head aches.

My plan: So I know protein, good fats  and vegetables fill you up but fats are high calorie so on my fast days I dont consume much fats – just lots of vegetables and protein. Also I like to hold out eating as long as possible, I normally eat at 11.30am but if Im not hungry Ill wait until I am (listen to your body) some days I wont start eating until 1pm.

What my fast day meals look like: 

11.30am Breakfast (break-fast) – 1 egg and 12 grams of baby spinach – add all ingredients in a cup with salt & pepper – whisk them up with a tiny bit of water and fry up a omelette.  I cook mine at 6am and take to work and heat it up at 11.30am.  Calories: 80


2.00pm Lunch – 1 x fried egg. 100g of broccoli & 100g of cauliflower. Again meal prep this is my lunch for work so at 6am while Im making my omelette I add the frozen cauliflower and broccoli into a container cover with water and cook in the microwave for 4 minutes, fry 1 egg (in no oils or butters just a good non stick pan)  drain and add it all to 1 container and lunch is done! Calories: 130


4.00pm Snack – 15 x raw almonds OR 1 x boiled egg what ever I pack that morning.  Calories: 104


6.30pm Dinner – 200g Zucchini sliced, 200g pumpkin sliced, 100 grams of mixed frozen cauliflower & broccoli , 1 cup of water and 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder. In a good non stick frying pan (I use flavourstone)  add the pumpkin and zucchini into the pan on medium heat add the 1 cup of water and turmeric, cover with a lid and cook for 5 minutes string occasionally. In a microwave container add the cauliflower & broccoli and cook in microwave for 5 minutes. After microwave vegetables are done drain and add to the frying pan. Cook all vegetables together add salt, pepper and spices i like to use rosemary. If you want a more stew type texture with pumpkin juice just add more water. Calories: 170 yep all that for only 170 cals!


Done! all that food came in under 500 calories!!  484 calories to be exact! Easy – and I was not hungry after dinner as all those vegetables filled me up so I went to be with a healthy full stomach.

So know you will understand when I say you wont starve when you be careful what food choices you make.

What do you do on non-fasting days? On the rest of the days of the week that I’m not restricted to 500 calories I dont count calories but Im careful of what I eat, I dont go crazy like a kid in a candy store and binge eat all day,  I simply eat how I would while on keto, stick to the green list, only eat when Im hungry, still do the 16:8 fast period and I try to stick to a 1600 calorie intake with good healthy foods. I dont use my My Fitness Pal App on these days, I just eat wholefoods and watch my portion control (Ill have 20 almonds not 40). But as I have been doing this a while now I now the caloric amounts in most foods – dont worry you soon will.

Enjoy this way of eating, I dont see it as a diet but a healthy way of life – if its too stressful or ‘torture’ to you maybe you are not doing it right or simply its not the right eating path for you at that current time in your life. But I find it easy, my body really flourishes with eating this way of eating and I feel much better, more energised and less bloated. Dont forget to take before photos of yourself for motivation on those hard days and dont rely on the scales check your body measurements!


Laura x

Why is intermittent good for you? Click here for more information.


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