Dont stop chasing your goals & always love yourself..

This photo on the left popped up today on Facebook its from 3 years ago and the last time i had a drink of coke. The photo on the right was a couple of weeks ago. What a change.  Over time you do forget how far you’ve come,  what I used to weigh, how i felt physically and emotionally, why i didnt like looking in mirrors and how badly i ate. Once you do hit you goal weight some days i think “ive had a crap day.. im just going to do what i used to do stay up all night and binge eat and feel bad tomorrow, I think it wont matter im thin and then the old habbits start creeping back like they used to.” well it does matter..  im glad this image popped up this morning because i forgot about the old me. The old me who used to live on cans of soft drink, chocolate and 6 slices of bread a day! Who would never eat anything that was healthy besides an apple and corn. But id never hate the old me.. this body delivered two babies, went through teenager years and more.. im just glad that 3 years ago i woke up to realise living a healthier lifestyle was much better for my body and mind. I said good bye to binge eating, hello to watching what i ate, went for a walk each day and actually enjoyed learning to cook whole foods from scratch not packets. I added in 5:2 on and off over the years and it really helped me. Yeah some times I gave up but we all slip up.. a few months later id try again and 2 years on i had lost 30 kilos! It was then i realised how eating these healthy foods was actually doing me a world of good! So i just wanted to say your weight will go up and down, you will have bad days when you will go back to your bad habbits, or you think stuff it this is too hard im not seeing results.  It took me along time but just beleive in yourself and remember ‘tomorrow is a new day’.

I lost all the weight from no gimmicks or pills or gyms just eating healthy, and watching my calories. Yeah id have chocolate and ice cream occasionally but i just had to remember to keep chasing that goal. And always love yourself!


My tips: Its all small steps. I was 108 kilos and got down to 63! But it takes time. Personally i didnt start a gym until 1 year after i lost all that weight (this January) as doing weights does make the scales go up. But also starting a weightloss journey and cutting out all the bad foods you used to love is hard and stressful. So my weightloss was from what i ate.. adding a gym to the mix would have been too much and i would have given up over 6 months. So i changed my eating habbits. Stopped eating after 7pm. Swapped soft drink for water and didnt drink alcohol  (i rarely drank anyway) and when i was bored i wouldnt go to the snack cupboard just went and kept busy like on went for a walk around the block even if it was 9pm and kept my mine busy by reading books. The weight started dropping which encouraged me to keep going. After 3 months people started noticing. I started eating more fruit and vegetables and less carbs and sugars. I stopped having 4 pieces of toast for breakfast and made omelettes instead BUT still went out and enjoyed time with friends.  They would order pizza i would think smarter and a chicken cesar salad and no Mars bar but a fruit and nut bar instead. Your body will start to appreciate being looked after and showing the benefits after 6 months i was down 10 kilos and jogging 20mins each morning as i had new found energy at 6am after 12 months i was down 20 kilos and running 2kms 5 days a week and started craving roasted vegetables, fish currys, chicken stir frys and no more junk food. It takes time but all my weight gain didn’t happen over night 😉

Dont give up guys xx



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