My new project – “How to lose 8 Kilos in 8 Weeks!” also Why I believe in Cals in VS Cals Out!

Now I know I always say ‘don’t trust the scales!’ and its true, your weight is influenced by so many things around you.

But also what I have learned on the ketogenic ‘diet’ is that calories to matter! Alot of strong Keto followers may not agree with me but this is my journey and my personally opinion so take it how you like.

First I would like to disclose – I have done many research of diets, nutrition and healthy ways of living so any new projects or experiments I try and show you through my vlogs have well been looked into and are safe for my body and dietary requirements, this however may not be the case for your body so please really do a lot of research before jumping into anything to do with your health, weightloss and body changes.


What is a Calorie, Anyway?
When it comes to weight loss, a calorie is simply a measurement of energy.

You usually hear the word calories used in two ways:

1) You hear it used in relation to food, as in, “That apple has 100 calories.

2) You also hear the word calories in relation to calories burned, as in, “Walking burns 100 calories.

Calories a.k.a Kilojoules a.k.a energy



Calories In
When it comes to the food you eat, I want you to think of those calories as calories IN. You’re taking IN those calories; you’re taking in that “energy.”

When you eat a large apple, you’re taking IN 100 calories. When you eat 3 ounces of chicken you’re taking IN about 140 calories.

So, I want you to think of the food you eat as CALORIES IN.

Calories Out
When it comes to your body and the energy it uses, I want you think of that as calories OUT. You’re burning and using up that energy just like a car burns gasoline or like wood burning in a fireplace.

Your body is constantly burning calories for energy – even when you’re sleeping. Everything that your body does to stay alive burns energy. So, that’s your calories OUT.

Calories In Vs. Calories Out
Which brings us to a very basic weight loss concept (in my opinion): When healthy, non-pregnant adults eat more calories than their body can use, their body will store those extra calories as fat.

Here’s the basic equation:

Calories In MINUS Calories Out = Energy Balance

When it comes to fat loss, you want to create a negative energy balance — also known as a calorie deficit. When you create a negative calorie balance/calorie deficit, your body will burn your stored fat for energy.

For example, if you eat 2300 calories (calories in) but burn only 2000 calories (calories out), you create a positive energy balance of 300 calories. Do that every day and you’ll gain around 0.5kg / 1lb every 12 days.

2300 – 2000 = +300 (positive energy balance/weight gain)

But, if you eat 1700 calories a day and burn 2000 calories a day, you create a negative calorie balance (-300). Do that every day and you’ll lose 0.5kg / 1lb in about 12 days.

1700 – 2000 = -300 (negative energy balance/weight loss).

So this is why I believe in watching how much calories you eat is so important, and I do believe it is hard to do this on keto way of living because fats are high in calories and this is what we are eating most of the time. So after being on keto for 6 months now I wanted to explain why I think my weight is going up and down like a yo-yo.  Some weeks I would eat alot of nuts and cheese, some days bacon and eggs and creams etc Im not eating non-keto foods but I am eating alot of high fat foods which are high in calories and also Im not watching my portion sizes (because this way of living is so delicious) so my daily calorie intake is going up and up and my body isn’t burning all these extra calories Im consuming, resulting in weight gain.

Im not telling you keto is bad, no way, I love eating keto! The benefits are amazing, great sleep, great skin, my brain is more switched on and thinking clearer, alot more energy and so much more! But I just wanted to give you guys something to think about if you are not loosing your desired weight on this way of life..

NOW ON TO MY PROJECT – To Lose 8 Kilos In 8 Weeks!

As some of you may or may not know, I am a fashion runway model and I have been called up for a big runway show in May this year in America! But I need to be runway ready – also known as whip my butt into shape and get my weight back down to what it was last year. So this project is to show you how I will aim to loose 8 kilos in 8 weeks BY calorie counting! Yes! I want to prove how calorie counting will make you loose weight and by doing this I will be fasting healthily 2 days a week by only eating up to 500 calories and the rest of the week eating normally STILL KETO but making sure I stay under my calorie deficient number of around 1300 cals. And yes this way of eating is also known as the 5:2 Diet.

You can work out your calorie deficient number here:

You can follow my progress on my you tube channel.. here

Please remember to contact your health professional before doing anything you are not sure of. 

Im happy to discuss and answer questions that anyone may have, but remember my rules, if you have something nasty to say.. then dont bother saying anything at all..

Keto on guys! Talk soon!


Laura x





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