Sometimes we break down..

New vlog uploaded to Youtube – watch here

Starting anything new is scary, hard, frustrating, confusing and fun all rolled into one. I will admit that the ketogenic way of life is hard to start with, its stressful, and at times confusing but the benefits are amazing once you learn and get used to this woe (way of eating). Life is meant to be a journey we all enjoy and learn from, not to live a lifestyle that saddens us, controls us and makes us unhappy. I want you to remember that being healthy does wonders for your mind and body and it should make you feel amazing, not run down and controlled. When you let something stress you out and pressure over time you will eventually reach breaking point. Please dont let it get that far.. always reach out for help, someone has always been where you are now and a simple chat can do wonders.

I had wondered whether I should post this video or not. But realised, if I have bad days and break downs there must be others out there just like me pushing their feelings aside, crying in the car park or at home eating a whole tub of ice cream. I wanted women and men to know

  1. its OK to cry and fall apart, to get upset and annoyed at yourself but in return we must remember most importantly how far we have come – not focus so much on on how far we have to go!

2. Social media these days give such false hope to people around the world, especially making us feel ‘not good enough’ or as rich as others. Why I wanted to show my video is because we all dont live in these perfect tidy, no mess, spotless kitchen, matching outfit, BMW driving, coffee grabbing, expensive watch wearing, beach vacation and new kicks lives 24/7, we are all human and we all have our good and bad days! And this video shows just that.

“Today was one of those days that everything got to me. I’ve been doing so much lately and putting so much pressure on my self to be perfect, look perfect, eat perfect and to live perfect but you know what.. we’re not perfect. We are all humans and all live different lives and occasionally break down at times and need help. Dont be scared to admit it.”

I finally broke today. And I want you to know there is always someone who is there for you.. to listen, help and support you. No matter what you are going through.. please always reach out to someone when you need to.. dont bottle it up inside til one day you reach breaking point. Life is a journey we need to enjoy it.
Thank you for your support and watching my vlogs. If i can help you in any way at all please know you can always contact me via my website or via Instagram.

Keto on guys, love yourself and love life!

Laura x




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