Laura’s 7 Day Ketogenic Diet Meal Planner!

Hi guys – as requested here is my weekly meal plan, a graph of what I eat on the ketogenic “diet” for 1 week.

I have at the end of each day included the total calories and macros for that day.

Now this is my meal planner based on my macros and my work outs. As you will see my fats are always the highest intake but on some days my protein is high aswell but never over takes my fat macros. That’s because on certain days when I do my weight/strength training at the gym I really need to refuel my muscles with a good feed of protein.

You are welcome to use my meal plan and see how you go eating on keto for 1 week but please be kind and do not copy or republish my meal plan as your own!

As I have said this is just a guide. Our bodies are all different, our daily exercises are different and our BMIs are different so if you are interested in what your daily intake should be for your macros click here to calculate them.

I dont base my eating habits on calories but I do like to not over eat -which is hard to do on keto as fat keeps you fuller for longer, so I mostly like to eat around 1300 calories a day. I lot of people dont agree with me but I still believe in the ‘calories in Vs calories out rule’

If you guys have any questions please let me know via YouTube or click the contact tab on this website

Also if you read a meal on the planner and you dont know what it is – have a look on my recipes page as its very possible I have uploaded it already for you..

*Note on Saturday for my take away choice I chose the Grill’d Super Low Carb Beef burger at the Grill’d restaurant.

** If you dont want to have a greens smoothie – always swap it for another healthy keto option like an omelette, bacon, ham, vegies anything, as long as you stay away from breads, cereals, wheat etc. I dont drink tea of coffee as you can see, I never have. But if you would like to try bullet proof coffee here’s a link to show you how!

** Fasting – yes I do fast every day for 16 hours. My last meal is at 7pm at night and my next meal/ break’fast isn’t until 11.30am the next day. You do not have to do this! But I do it because it lets my digestive system have a break, it burns up all of the food I ate that previous day, it does help with weight loss, I work out at the gym better and I dont always feel like Im constantly eating! Please do your research on intermittent fasting before you try it.


Laura x




3 thoughts on “Laura’s 7 Day Ketogenic Diet Meal Planner!

  1. Lisa

    Hi. I’m looking at the meal plans and would like to know what each dish is prepared in.. like how much butter something is cooled in or added or coconut oil ect added


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