The next Sarahs Day ? WHAT!!

What says ‘confidence boost’ more than an email telling you you are awesome and to keep following your dreams!!

At 10.30pm on a Friday night an email had popped up from Blog Chicks, explaining how they were very happy to stumble across my online vlogs on my YouTube channel and also loved my informative website. At first I thought it was spam.. but I read on..

The following email was read by myself and had me blown away.

Firstly for those who don’t know ‘Sarah’ from the famous YouTube channel ‘Sarah’s Day’ she is a vlogger on all things health, fitness, holistic and natural! And like me she focus’ on real, whole foods, weight loss, natural products and most importantly loving life. A superstar followed by many!

Image result for sarahs day

So you can say when I read this email from Blog Chicks I was blown away!

“Dear Laura, We just wanted to express how amazing it is that your YouTube channel is getting out there and helping so many women from all walks of life.

It is very rare to find someone so natural and down to Earth! We have been following your vlogs for quite some time and we cannot look away! Your vlogs are informative, funny, a breath of fresh air with some quest bars squished in there somewhere along the way… not to mention the coconut chips! We love how your main focus is work/life/balance, happiness, self love and nutrition and so your daily “in the life vlogs’ have us hooked!

To be a real down to Earth vlogger is something hard to find, but you are honest and raw and so many other things not to mention a busy mother who works full time with a model career on the side! But its great to see you still find time to praise whole foods, fitness, self love and respect and vlog all about it us us to watch! We know this is just the beginning for you and we cant wait to watch you grow.. we would also like to note that we think we are looking at the next big thing just like the famous Sarahs Day.    [OMG!! did I just read that!]  

Keep up the great work Laura, remember to always be yourself and we cant wait to see your future vlogs grow!”

#Girlpower #inspire #Laurasketowayoflife #vlogger4life

Lets just say that I had to read this email more than once, I sat there eating my greens, protein and maca powder smoothie.. with coconut chips of course, and I just smiled. I was so happy to receive this amazing confidence boosting email.

So thank you Blog Chicks, you have made me even more determined to get my name and nature out there to help the many woman in our world with their own health , fitness and work/life balance, and they are right – this is just the beginning of something amazing!


For those who want to check out my YouTube channel just click here



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