Keto beef burger patties stuffed with mozzarella cheese and bacon

Keto burger beef mince patties stuffed with bacon and mozerella cheese! Bunless burgers with of course crispy bacon on the side!

Makes: 6


500g beef mince

1 x small brown onion

Himalayan Salt & pepper (seasoning of your choice)

3 cloves of galic (crushed)

6 x short cut bacon slices

1 egg

2 x table spoons of almond meal

100g of Mozerella cheese



Mix 500g mince, diced onion, crush garlic, salt & pepper & seasoning, egg and almond meal together.


Once mince mixture is made seperate into 6 balls. Flatten balls and create a well/dent in the middle of each pattie.


Fill the dent in each pattie with 1 slice of bacon and a small amount of mozzarella.

Place partties in frying pan on low heat cover with a lid for 20 minutes.

After 20 mins remove lid and cook on medium for 5 minutes.

Place pattie in lettuce leaf and enjoy! 👍




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