Keto Pork mince Hamburger patties

💚Pork mince keto Hamburger patties 🍗

(You can use any mince but tonight I used pork and they were delicious even cold in the fridge for a snack!)

5 mins to prepare

15mins to cook! Great easy dinner



500g organic pork mince (use any mince you like)

1 x small carrot grated

1/2 cup of mozzarella cheese

Salt and pepper

2 x tablespoons of Heinz no added sugar – tomato sauce

1/2 of an onion grated

2 x table spoons of coconut flour

1 x egg




Add all ingredients into a mixing bowl and get your hands dirty and mix them all together well. (Or use a strong spoon)

Using your hands make 8 balls/hambuger patties from the well mixed ingredients

Heat a non stick frying pan and add the patties

Flattenthe hambuger patties down to your liking

Cook on one side for 7 mins and then flip them over for 8 minutes in a medium heat.

Once meat is cooked all the way through – serve hot or cold.


A simple quick dinner i love to serve wrapped in lettuce leaves with cheese and egg.



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