Chocolate & Almond Fat Bombs

So I was never interested in the idea of ‘fat bombs’ I’ve read good and bad articles on them. I always thought “I’d rather my fat intake be through my whole foods and meats”. I would see so many people mixing up batters of butter, cream cheeses or oil and adding chocolate powder to it and wallah done! Whether people doing it to cure their chocolate/sugar cravings or to actually get their fat macros on pa for the day thats their choice but I thought I might as well see what all the hype was about and try a receipe myself. So here goes at 137 Cals, Fat: 25.7, Carbs: 1.26g , Protien: 3.09 why not try one...  Here is how to make my Chocolate & Almond Fat Bombs!
*video on how I made these click here.
Serves: 20 (ice cube sizes)
  1. In a small saucepan, heat and stir together coconut oil, cocoa powder, butter, and peanut butter.
  2. Once melted and mixed, remove from heat and stir in stevia. 20170111_000727
  3. Pour into 12 muffin lined muffin tins.
  4. Freeze for 20 minutes or refrigerate for 2 hours. 20170111_001020
  5. Store in fridge and eat as needed.


Almond spread  – Calories: 1088, Fat: 95g | Carbs: 12.5g | Prot: 35.8g

Aldi’s Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil – Calories: 1596, Fat: 180g, Carbs: 0g,

Protein: 0

Woolworth’s Homebrand salted butter:  Calories: 288, Fat: 32.8g, Carbs: 0g, Protein: 0g

Raw Organic cocoa powder – Calories: 89.6, Fat: 0.56g, Carbs: 2.7g,  Protein: 1.3g.


Calories: 1645.60  Fat: 308.36  Carbs: 15.2g  Protien: 37.1g

Per serve (20 serves per receipe): 137 Cals, Fat: 25.7, Carbs: 1.26g , Protien: 3.09

Enjoy x


Watch the video here! VIDEO


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