Coconut Flour and Tumeric Crumbed Chicken

So i brought some coconut flour a few months ago and have never used it.. i asked my kids what they wanted for dinner they said homemade crumbed chicken with the cornflakes coating! Yum! But i couldnt have the plain flour or corn flakes then i thought i know! Ill finally use the coconut flour and add cornflakes to their crumb coating and then ill just add tumeric to the left over flour and make some crumb chicken pieces for me! And wow the flavour was amazing for something so simple!

You will need:

2 x Eggs

1/2 teaspoon of tumeric powder

1 cup of coconut flour

Himalayan salt for seasoning

Butter to grease the frying pan

I raw chicken breast piece


Cut the raw chicken breast into desired slices, like tenders.

Heat the frying pan up on low and add butter.

Whisk 2 eggs into a bowl. In another bowl add a cup of coconut flour. Add the tumeric powder to the coconut flour and mix together.

To coat the chicken. With each strip of raw chicken. Roll the chicken into the coconut & tumeric flour and the dip the whole piece into the egg mixture, then roll it around in the coconut and turmeric flour again coating all of it then add it to the hot frying pan. Do this to all the chicken pieces.


One all the chicken is coated and in the frying pan sprinkle the Himalayan salt over the pieces as seasoning. Then turn the stove top up to medium heat, add more butter to the pan and turn the chicken tenders every 5 minutes.  Cook the chicken for 20 minutes or until crunchy golden brown and you’re done! Easy as that! So yummy and I served mine with broccoli and cauliflower pieces. One chicken breast piece made about 12 small tenders which is great as now I dinner for tomorrow night!




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