Why buy healthy fruit, when you can grow it!

When I started the Keto / LCHF diet I was shocked that all the fruit I ate daily was not good for me.. turns our they were high in carbs and high in sugar. I was so sad, I loved my pineapple and apples and would eat so much daily.. as you can see here in my vlog. So it was hard to give it up especially when I didn’t eat the other fruits like avocado.

Lately my love for fruit is still lingering, I do miss sweet things.. so its about time I grew up and tried berries. Yes I had never eaten them in my life before.. and yes I’m 29.  Of course I had people telling me “Just try them, they’re good for you” etc.. But I just saw them as the squishy toppings that were placed on a cake, a decoration to make the high calorie treat look some what healthy.. of course I brought the cup cake but always threw the strawberry off.. Oh and berries eww, those little balls that the health shows tell you to mix with granola and yogurt to stay fit or to blend with soy milk for that great drink.. yuck..

But I wanted fruit/ something sweet but of course healthy.. so they were my only option as they are under 5 grams of carbs each.

So here I was paying $3.90 for this little plastic container with about 8 strawberries in it, back in the day I would be buying a block of Cadbury chocolate on special for this price!

Once home I opened the little box and tried one. At first I was hit with huge sweet and little bitter taste in my mouth but after a while it actually tasted ok. I ate another and tried them with whipped thickened cream OMG! For someone who has not had chocolate for 3 weeks this was heaven! The sweet and creamy taste work so well together, I seriously could have eaten the whole punnet! My son tried them and he loved it too, we had to halve the last one..

So I thought “I could eat these to the cows came home” (in moderation of course) and yes I feel foolish for not trying them years ago, but I do believe my taste buds have changed so this could have helped to. So why not grow my own, would be cheaper right?

So we went to Bunnings, brought a planter box, potting mix, and 3 strawberry plants all up costing $38.00 (AUS) They looked so cute potted up and sitting on the balcony.. Now the waiting game!!


The moral of this story I guess is to not be scared to try new things, our tastes always change and we might surprise ourselves and actually love it! Also it feels great growing your own fruit and vegetables  you now its organic and fresh and you can pick it and eat them in your own home! Give it a try, just dont forget to water them! Id love to hear your story if you have so much fresh fruit and veg in your own home, let me know..

A great website to help you grow your own strawberries is: http://www.abc.net.au/gardening/stories/s2006057.htm



Laura x






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