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Hello keto followers and welcome to my website – Laura’s Keto way of life

I normally just share my updates and thoughts on my Youtube channel: Laura’s Keto Lifestyle Blog which you can watch: here

But I also thought by starting my website I can easily share links, tips and updates on here as well as photos and Q & A’s to help and motivate others.

Many people may have or may not have not heard about the KETO Diet, also known as LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) or the Banting Diet. It is not some new fad diet that has been started by gym junkies or vegans but the keto way of life was the normal way to live many years ago in the cave man period. They lived off meat, healthy fats, protein and natural vegetables from the Earth. They ate 2-3 meals a day and some days very little (fasting days), they exercised alot by walking, chasing, hunting and gathering their foods – not like these days where we do a quick walk around the shops but most importantly only ate when they were hungry!

Its not science, its how we should be living. We need to go back to this healthy way of life before the processed foods, sugars, carb loaded foods and chemical infused grains and chemically enhanced vegetables came along. But it is hard once our bodies have become addicted to all these things over time and especially when for most of our lives we were told to eat Low Fat High Carb, yes being told now that this way of eating is wrong does take some getting used to

So you may have come here for many reasons, like me you too want to start living a healthy way of life, full of natural whole foods and nutrients, you want ketosis in your life which of course aids weight loss but there are so many great benefits of ketosis for your body such as, a clearer state of mind, better focus and outlook on your daily life, better sleep, more energy and a healthier inside.. just to name a few. Or you may be new to the LCHF (low carbs high fat), Banting / Keto diet and want to know more information or you could have been doing keto for some time now and you would like to meet more people enjoying this way of life, share tips, gain new knowledge or come for the yummy recipes and online videos. What ever the reason I welcome everyone and anyone who is excited to make a healthy positive change in their life and who want to burn away the stored fats a natural way. I will however NOT allow bullies & trolls on my website, if you dont agree with the keto way of life than that is your opinion and this website is not for you, please dont come here looking for a fight and to put people down.

So enjoy this page – and remember knowledge is key – if you have any questions please ask.




 Laura x